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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Japanese Komari Look

Hello everyone, I recently got up to reading my collection of Japanese magazines! I have a lot of favorite makeup looks now! The November issue of Vivi featured a Japanese Komari Look on page 129 if you have it~ I think it looks really cute! It's not too hard to do too!

 Komari basically means troubled..It focuses on the long cat eyeliner! and this light pink but settled blush. I'll just type out the pointers for this look because you can't really read the magazine from looking at this picture like this. But I really recommend buying Vivi! All the tips and fashion looks always make me feel inspired! Like I wish I LIVE in Japan right now!!

Point 1: Baby-like skin

Baby-like skin is highly sought after in the makeup industry. Get equipped with the suitable base and foundation!

Point 2: Slightly droopy eyebrows
Brows are shaped to look like they are stilll in their 'ungroomed' form. Thicker and droopier eyebrows are intended!

Point 3: Cat-eyeliner

Make a strong gaze with cat-eyelined eyes. Draw a powerful line for a strong impression.

Point 4: Wooly Cheek
Cheek colours look as if you just got out of a hot shower. ❤ blending is the key point!

Point 5: Cherry Lip

Natural looking lips with a hint of cherry colour. Gloss is crucial to give out a plumpy lip look. Slightly pouty lips look cute!

J pop singer Kana Nishino!!
Some of the girls that spotted this look! I love the pink cheeks!!
Products Used

Mac Lightful Marine-Bright Formula SPF 30/PA++ Moisturizer Hydratant
Real Skinny Premium Magic BB Cream
Styler Browcara shade 2 (I used it lightly, it's actually a blonde browcara)
Silky Girl Precision Sharp Liquid Eyeliner Pen 01 Blackest Black
Silky Girl Big Eye Mascara
Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Pefection
BH Cosmetics 6 Colour Contour & Blush Palette
(The matte white highlighter)
Candy Doll Ramune Pink lipstick
Shu Uemura M Pink 33E Blush
Shinny Pink Puffy 3 tone lenses
Daiso Black Eyelash glue that comes in the tube
Hello Kitty fake lashes

My blush looks very very noticeable in real life but at the same time, it doesn't look so IN-YOUR-FACE blush because the Shu Uemura ones will never make you apply too much, It's like magic in it, cos I've never overblend or put too much on, because even if I tried putting a LOT on it will never build up. It's magic like that ;)

My lashes are extended out a little bit! And my bottom lashes is all thanks to silky girl's big eye mascara, looks like I'm wearing fake bottom lashes! yeayy

I don't have light hair but I think light brown brows looks nice on all dark hairs..I can't wait to try an even blonder look for Japanese makeup when I get my Asuna wig! yeay yeay blonde hair!! If you noticed, my brows looks soo soo  thin right now! I had more eyebrows last time! I went for a whole face threading for the first time 2 weeks ago while waiting for my brothers to be done playing at Magacon's competitions. (Malaysia games convention). It was a very painful experience! At least for the first 5 minutes and then when it's over it's done!! It was done by a Vietnamese woman at Publika Solaris Dutamas. Her name is Yen it was RM 35 for the whole face. I believe 10 Ringgit for eyebrows. She works at a saloon LG floor nearby The Sops shop - my favorite Korean skincare & makeup shop right now! I totally broke my shopping ban there! :(

 Hello long cat eyes~
Checking my lashes! Hate when this happens!

Any favorite Japanese or Korean look perhaps? :) Mine is the sweet natural look and lolita!! I got a new hair curler to play with will review that in the future yeay! Hope you guys stay pretty and healthy! Take care

~quin kitty


  1. You are so beautiful! esp your eyes! love this look.. it's simple , natural but cute ;))

  2. oOoO~ very sweet & innocent ^.~ I love the lashes too<3


  3. Those models are so cute and their make up always is so nice! You are so pretty and i love your eyes :3 Your make up looks so natural and fresh :)
    Im a new follower!

  4. Very pretty! :)

  5. I love long high wings with thick eyebrow in straight shape. its going to give innocent and cute look. I like it.


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